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[1998 Ducati 748 SPS]
En syster till Birichina

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En påkostet fotskammel

Laptimer, selvsagt!

Lukten av nylakkerte racingkåper om morgenen

I depot, klar for action

Foto: Ducati og Dan

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Dans 1998 Ducati 748SPS

Tekniske spesifikasjoner


Twin cylinder, four-stroke, 90° "L"-type, longitudinal.
Bore: 88 mm.
Stroke: 61.5 mm.
Total displacement: 748 cc.
Compression ratio: 1:11.6±0.5.
Max. power (at crankshaft): 76.5kW/104 hk at 11000 rpm.
Max. engine speed: 11500 rpm.

Timing system

Desmodromic type with four valves per cylinder, operated by eight rockers (four opening rockers and four closing rockers) and by two overhead camshafts. It is operated by the crankshaft through spur gears, belt rollers and toothed belts.

Spark plugs

Champion A 55 v.


Marelli - I.A.W - 1.6.
Integrated system for ignition and injection management of the pulsed, sequential type.


A pressure-feed system with a gear pump, suction strainer, by-pass pressure regulating valve against valve clogging, low pressure indicator located on the instrument panel.
Circuit capacity: 3.8 litres.


Liquid cooling in pressure-feed circuit with mixing radiator and thermostat. A centrifugal pump operated by the camshaft pumps the coolant while an expansion tank compensates for excess coolant when it expands from heat.
Thermostat opens at 75° C±2° C.
Thermometric switch starts electric fan at 92° C, stops it at 87° C.

Front brake

Double, drilled floating disc made of cast iron.
Disc diameter: 320 mm.
Braking surface: 88 cm2.
Brake calipers with separate pistons:
Make: Brembo.
Type: 30/34-4 pistons.
Friction material: Ferit I/D 450 FF.
Pump type: PS 16.

Rear brake

Fixed drilled disc made of steel.
Disc diameter: 220 mm.
Braking surface: 25 cm2.
Brake caliper:
Make: Brembo.
Type: P2.I05N.
Friction material: Ferit I/D 450 FF.
Pump type: PS 11.


Dry clutch. Drive is transmitted from engine to gearbox main shaft via straight tooth gears.
Gear ratio: 31/62.
6-speed gearbox with constant mesh gears.
Front/rear sprocket ratio: 14/37.
Total gear ratios:
1st gear: 37/15.
2nd gear: 30/17.
3rd gear: 28/20.
4th gear: 26/22.
5th gear: 24/23.
6th gear: 23/24.
Drive chain from gearbox to rear wheel:
Make: DID.
Type: 520 VL 4.
Size: 5/8"x1/4".
Links: 94.


Tubular trestle frame with upper section made of high-strength steel.
Steering angle (on each side): 27°.
In order to optimise motorcycle performance on tracks, the steering head angle can be altered.
Standard setting:
Steering head angle: 24°30'.
Trail: 97 mm.
Track setting:
Steering head angle: 23°30'.
Trail: 91 mm.


Brembo, three-spoke, light-alloy rims.
Front wheel dimensions: 3.50x17".
Rear wheel dimensions: 5.50x17".
The front wheel spindle is removable. The rear wheel (cantilevered) is secured to rear sprocket hub by means of a nut and circlip.


Tubeless, radial type.
Front tyre size: 120/60-ZR17.
Rear tyre size: 180/55-ZR17.


Rear suspension:
Of the progressive type, thanks to a rocker arm placed between frame and upper pivot point of the shock arbsorber. Equipped with a shock absorber that enables the adjustment of rebound and compression damping and spring preload. At the bottom pivot point it is connected to a light-alloy single-sided swingarm. The swingarm hinges on a pivot pin passing through the frame and the engine.
Make and type: Öhlins DU 3420.
Travel: 71 mm.
Wheel travel: 130 mm.
Front suspension:
Hydraulic upside-down fork with outer adjuster for rebound, compression and preload (for inner springs of fork legs).
Make and type:
Showa GD051.
Stanchion diameter: 43 mm.
Travel along leg axis: 127 mm.

Electric system

Battery: 12 V-16 A.
Generator: 12 V-350 W.
Starter motor: 12 V-0.7 kW.


Max. speed (rider alone): 250 km/h.


Dry: 194 kg.
Carrying full load: 310 kg.

[Ducati 748 SPS Blue print]