FAQ for the Final Realms MUD.

* Help on Immortality, and how to apply for it. *
 -  Requirements: 

       * At least two to three days playing the Realms.

       * A Thane willing to let you be in Domain.

       * A Sponsor, this is a Patron or Thane willing to help you with your 
         problems. The Sponsor is also responsible for everything you do.
         (Read: mess it up, and you mess with the Sponsor.)
       * Email address in the finger before you apply, can be as admin only (:).

       * Accept the Rules, ('help crerules' will give you the rules.)

 - Apply by gettig your Sponsor to apply for you to the God (forward your
   application). The apply should include:
       * Real name.
       * If you are an Immortal on other muds, the muds and your name there. 
       * Experience, as a mudcoder and other programming languages.
       * Knowledge of AD&D. or other roleplaying games.
       * Other relevant stuff.

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    november 1997 / Baldrick@fr.games.no