FAQ for the Final Realms MUD.

* Baldrick's little section: (even more unstructured..) *
Sometimes you feel that the mud is getting in an unfair direction for your guild
or race. This is usually only temporary, for example does  the new 
spellrestrictions feel very unfair to the mages. But before they were made, the
mages didn't complain, but the fighters. 

Mages will get more spells, it will start to come bracers, rings of protection,
and they will even be able to cast their own enchant spells. This will make 
them more powerful again. But then another guild will complain..:=)

I am still discussing with myself if we shold start a discussion on holding
stuff while casting spells.. But spells will be cut off when a mage is hit
during fights.. (I hope I can be able to let the mages cast spells through 
one exit / room, but that can take a long time to implement). Some spells, 
like finger of death will be touchspells, and then you aren't allowed to carry 
anything with your hands, and you have to hit the victim..

Some of you are surprised with our liberal politics regarding playerkilling (PK)
but this has a reason. If we start to make such rules, you won't get organized
to take care of the morons. It is all up to you to take care of people / NPC's
you don't want in your guild, town, room, pub and so on.

A player asked if I could promote some player guardians, that is not my job.
It is the town council, they should hire guardians, and pay them with taxes
people have to pay for entering the town. You players is responsible for this.
Some guilds have understood the importance of a high council / directorate, 
and so on. They organize guildmasters, newbiehelpers, public relation people, 
and economics.. A well organized guild have a better chance to get new stuff
from the immortals. They can pay for it (with collect, stolen money and so on).

Yes, I know you want more, your hunger for more power and goods is growing,
but that is good and understandable. But we have a lot of work to do, and
we are working on a lot of stuff you will see when new areas open. 

Regarding chatlines;

Some of you are complaining that we don't have global chatlines. We won't 
ever get them either. This is because there is no logical reason for having 
them. Should all people have psionic skills? no. "But you have guild channels
that works the same way?". Yes, but I we have to let a little of it to offer 
playability. We woule like to get rid of them too, or make the high level 
channels for some guilds. But that would make it too hard for the players.

Global tell and shout is also stupid, but we have to compromise between 
roleplaying and playability.

When you want to chat about stuff, visit a pub, they have the Globe of 

Another thingie that players usually asks for is more information about other
players on 'who' and 'finger', like guild, level and so on. 
This has been removed to maintain a possibility to keep your own strenght a bit
secret, ergo; exiting.

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    november 1997 / mudadm@fr.games.no