FAQ for the Final Realms MUD.

* Rules for creators *

 -  Never make things that does not belong in the setting of this mud. 

       * This includes known items/monsters/characters from other worlds even
         if that's also AD&D. Also includes things that we compare with our
         own world. Both in descriptions, as comparisons and otherwise.

       Reason for this rule: If things from other settings pop up the entire
       athmosphere of the game is undermined.

 -  Never use echoall and emoteall that cannot be traced. 

       * 90% (or more) emote/echoalls are plain non-roleplay. 
         So, we want to know who to kick.

 -  Never make super-things (armours/items/weapons/spells/monsters etc.)
       * This includes all things that are not balanced with the rest of the 
         excisting things in the game. This also extends to your private
         use and private directory.

       Reason for this rule: If the game is not balanced the fun for the
       players is greatly reduced, tho they may love to have such items.
       The reasons why you are not allowed to make such items even for your
       own use are that:

         1: The items has a tendency to get into the possession of players
            whether the creator inteded it so or not. Possible reasons are
            that you drop them as you log out or other creators clone them
            and gives them to players (reason for demotion).

         2: Your private directory is open for all to read and clone things
            from, so they may be misused.

         3: When such an item appears in the game there is no question as
            to who cloned it and gave it away. It's simply always the fault
            of the one who made it.

 -  Never help players.

       * This includes giving away money and other things,
         transportig them where they want to go, try to fix bugs that bothers
         them and giving away info that is obviously meant to be hidden. Also
         never CALL functions to raise lower stats/hp/ability scores/gp/etc 
         on players/monsters or to other advantages/disadvantages. This also 
         includes changing their titles/race/etc.

       * This does not include answering questions that they need answers to
         to completely understand something in the game.

       Reason for this rule: Obviously helping players ruins the challenge 
       and fun of the game. If they get things too easily the joy of getting
       it is greatly dimished. Also it feels very unfair to the ones who
       work/play a lot to receive an advantage another has gotten for free.
       * What to do instead: Tell any lord what the problem is, and he'll act
         according to what we've agreed upon in PR-meetings. Also he'll know
         how to fix things safely without creating bugs. Examples of this are
         trying to add a level to any skill of a player or changing their
         guilds or race. NEVER do this.

 - Never shout or otherwise spread your bad feelings about others.

       * If there is a problem with either a player or another creator,
         it should be discussed in a lord-meeting. We'll decide what to do
         about it there, and possibly call in the "accuser and guilty" for
         an interview. This includes shouting and chat'ing words that are
         bound to insult people for religious, racial, sexual or other
         similar reasons.

       Reason for this rule. When the creators (the ones people look up to)
       here start spreading ill temper the players are bound to pick up on
       it, and this will make the mud a very unpleasant place to be. Also
       most things we disagree and get angry with each other for are due to
       misunderstandings. After a short discussion most things are settled.

 - Use a guest character for testing.

       *  You're allowed to have ONE character besides your creator-character.
          Use it for adventuring, that means it is a player and all rules
          concerning helping players shall be followed. NO modifying!

       Reason for this rule:  When a player gets hurt due to your actions you
       will not be allowed to reinstate him, and if he gains more benefits than
       you meant to give you'll not be allowed to remove it again.  We need to
       have a common policy in how to rule what should be done in such instances,
       so to keep confusion to a minimum, only lords are allowed to compensate.

       * So, make a guest called 'test' (or similar) and use that one for 
         testing pursposes.

 - Never make thing that kills players without proper warning. 

       * If you make a very powerful monster or a room that is likely to kill
         a player, let them be warned somehow before they're dead.
       Reason for this rule:  When players die because of their own stupidity, 
       that is of course fair enough, but if it happens without them having
       ample reason for suspecting a "trap" it ruins the fun of gaming.

 - Give just rewards for actions by the players.

       * If a monster or quest is very easy to complete, don't give huge 
         rewards.  Most monsters shouldn't have any items on them, only the 
         ones that are hard to beat.

       Reason for this rule:  When the game is balanced everything is fun.  When
       you get a big reward for doing just a simple thing the harder quests/
       monsters lose their whole reason for being there.  Players need to feel 
       that they're progressing towards something (the reason for a level system).
       If they get it all from the start, there's nothing to look forward to.

 - Read the docs.

       * The docs provide information on what functions you can use, and some 
         hints to how things are supposed to work.  It will enable you to make
         better code than if you don't read them.

       Reason for this rule:  We have changes and added some function to make
       the game run faster and more smoothly.  If you use ...say 2.4.5 code it
       may work, but not as fast or well as it would using our new functions.
       Also it will help you code things faster and above all in an easier way.

 - Don't change your name or set_short.

       Reason for this rule:  You mire the debug logs with errors due to bad
       id's. Also several commands can get corrupted by this.  'who', 'finger'
       and 'people' are examples of commands that always gets ruined.

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