FAQ for the Final Realms MUD.

* Nice things to know before you start *
 - Commands:
        * 'rearrange': this command will help you arrange your stats.
                       You can use this command only once, so be sure you know
                       what stats you want (usually by knowing wich guild you
                       want to join)

        * 'chfn'     : CHange Finger iNfo, this helps us and the other players
                       get to know who's behind the charachter. And by telling
                       your birthday you get a surprise when you have it..

        * 'describe ': This is your best way to make your player-
                                    character more personal and unique.

        * 'retire'   : If you don't want to use this character anymore, this
                       is the preferred way to get rid of the player.
                       Just type retire and then your password and the character
                       is history.

        * 'sheet'    : Gives you most info you need about your character.

        * 'emergency': This is a channel that you can use to reach all immortals
                       invisible or not. BUT it is for emergency calls only.
                       Emergency is it when you are stuck (because of bugs),
                       or something is wrong with you.
                       This is the preferred method to ask for help, the 
                       immortal able to help you will then answer.

 - Dying:

        * Usually there will be a priest with raising abilities in your group
          (party), but there are other ways to get raised when you die.
          All priestly temples have hospitals where you can get raised for an 
          amount of money. Usually it costs one platinum coind per level, but
          when you are level 0 and 1 it is free.

          But you can't carry money when you are dead, so either you have
          someone to pay the money for the raise or you can create an account
          at the different temples, one account for every temple.

          These money will go to the high council for maintenance of the temple.

 - Passowrds:
          If you loose your password, shame on you. We can't change the password
          nor won't. This is because we can't be 100% sure it really is you
          or someone else. So, remember you PW or loose the character.

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