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Note #53 by Moloch posted at Mon May 8 09:23:02 1995
Title: 'Re:#1 more thoughts'

So, because we have chosen a realistic game paradigm where we leave
the mortals alone, and let them decide what's to be done about murderers,
like responsible adults, you say that we suck ? Because we have chosen not to t
treat the players as immature children needing mamas permission
to act and play the way they wish ? Should we then decide how you areto play
your character for you, tell you how to hact and who to aly with ?
  I think not.
I have been a GM for 12 years now, and I've written several convention mod
modules, and friends at TSR are considering publication in Duengon for at least

for at least one of those. And I've played muds for close to 3 years now.
I can sort of see where you're coming from - no experience with true role-
playing, only the rather limited environment of MUDs. Well, I must say -
that this environment, with the freedom granted to the players,
is the closest I've seen in a long while to a "real" role-playing game.
If you can't deal with the constraints necessary to make your way in a worl where the other people ALSO have motivations, and roles they wish
to act out, then you may be better off going someplace where your role is
dictated to you by someone else. But maybe you have the courage, and the
intellingence, and perserverance to make it in this world ?
If you do stick it out, the rewards of sucess are manifold - not the least
of which is the knowledge that you've outsmarted -not a monster created in a li
limited programming environment - but another player
as intelligent as you, and playing the evil drow to the best of his ability.
There is a lot more to success in the latter environment than the former,
don't you think ?

-Moloch, Lord of Roses.
Thane of Unicorn Mountain
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