FAQ for the Final Realms MUD.

* The rules the players have to obey: *

 - Multiplaying:

        * It is not legal to play more than one playercharacter at a time. 
          But it is legal to have different characters and switch between them,
          but never online at the same time. (sidenote; it's concerned as
          cheating to drop all and then log the other char in and let it use
          the stuff.)

          Multiplaying is considered as cheating and both characters will be

 - Finger info:
        * It is regarded as polite to have updated finger info. 
 - Cheating / bug abusing:
        * This is difficult, players should of course not abuse bugs,
          but the bugs should not be there in the first place. 
          Although, abusing bugs and not telling the immortals about them is 
          considered as cheating.

          Cheating -> removing of player file.

 - Profound langugage: 

        * We don't like it, but as long as it's a part of the roleplaying it's 
          ok. But just shouting F*** for the sheer H*** of it is not 
          regarded as smart..:=) We have prisons for players not responding
          to our advice about shutting up....

           -- * Help on Immortality, and how to apply for it. * --

 -  Requirements: 
       * At least two to three days playing the Realms.

       * A Thane willing to let you be in Domain.

       * A Sponsor, this is a Patron or Thane willing to help you with your 
         problems. The Sponsor is also responsible for everything you do.
         (Read: mess it up, and you mess with the Sponsor.)
       * Email address in the finger before you apply, can be as admin only (:).

       * Accept the Rules, ('help crerules' will give you the rules.)

 - Apply by gettig your Sponsor to apply for you to the God (forward your
   application). The apply should include:
       * Real name.
       * If you are an Immortal on other muds, the muds and your name there. 
       * Experience, as a mudcoder and other programming languages.
       * Knowledge of AD&D. or other roleplaying games.
       * Other relevant stuff.

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