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   The following chart was prepared by Lor making use of material
   presented by TSR and AD&D to aid in character selection for new

Racial Preferences Table....
Race  |  Dwa   Dro   Elf   1/2E   Gno   Gob   Hal   Hum   Liz   1/2O   Orc
Dwa   |   P     H     A      N     G     H     G     N     H      H     H
Dro   |   H     P     H      T     N     A     A     N     A      T     T
Elf   |   A     H     P      G     T     H     T     N     H      A     H
1/2E  |   N     T     P      P     T     H     N     T     H      A     H
Gno   |   G     N     T      T     P     H     G     N     H      H     H
Gob   |   H     A     H      H     H     H     A     N     A      T     G
Hal   |   G     N     G      N     T     H     P     N     H      N     H
Hum   |   N     N     N      T     N     H     N     P     N      T     H
Liz   |   A     A     H      H     N     H     H     A     P      A     T
1/2O  |   H     A     A      A     H     A     N     T     A      P     G
Orc   |   H     A     H      A     H     T     H     H     N      T     P

Notes on preference table:
Dwa - Dwarf    1/2E - Half-elf     Hal - Halfling       1/2O - Half-orc
Dro - Drow     Gno  - Gnome        Hum - Human          Orc  - Orc 
Elf - Elf      Gob  - Goblin       Liz - Lizard-man

P: indicates that the race is generally preferred, and dealings with
   the members of the race will be reflected accordingly.

G: means that considerable goodwill exists towards the race.

T: indicates that the race is viewed with tolerance and generally
   accepted, if not loved.

N: shows that the race is thought of neutrally, although some 
   suspicion will be evidenced.

A: means that the race is greeted with antipathy.

H: tokens strong hatred for the race in question.

These are general guidelines for all racial preference, which is not
to say that singular cases of different preferences can't be made.
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